What Are the Advantages of Undergoing an Abdominoplasty?

One of the most effective solutions for eliminating loose abdominal skin is a procedure called “abdominoplasty”. Besides a slimmer abdomen, there are several other health benefits that you gain by performing this treatment.

About abdominoplasty treatment

Bukplastik treatment is best suited for women who have gone through pregnancy and birthing. Their excessive weight, expanding tummies, stretch marks and layers of hanging skin on abdomen region can be effectively treated by abdominoplasty treatment. No other methods such as exercise or dieting are found to be helpful in removal of this excess skin.

Abdominoplasty is the best treatment to regain your flat tummy and pre-pregnancy figure by safe and effective removal of the skin. Due to the benefits it provides to its patients, this method is also called as “tummy tuck”.

How is the treatment performed?

In this treatment an incision is made just above the area that extends between the hip bones. From that region, excess skin is removed. Tightening of the abdominal muscles happens using sutures.

Types of abdominoplasty:

There are basically two main types of abdominoplasty treatments performed by a surgeon. Both these treatment works at a specific region as per the need of the user.

  • Full abdominoplasty tightens muscles across the entire abdominal area and removes excess skin from the abdomen region
  • Partial abdominoplasty removes excess skin below navel and tightens only the muscles that lie below abdomen.

Advantages of an Abdominoplasty

Besides a flatter and a tighter stomach, this tummy tuck procedure will get you other benefits as well.

Weight loss

Weight reduction is one of the most attractive benefits of this treatment. A lot of women gain weight after pregnancy and birthing, which is solved effectively by this treatment.

Better posture

A tightened stomach or tummy improves your bodily posture. So along with a perfect physique, you will also benefit by a perfect posture too.

No more stretch marks

One more benefit of tummy tuck procedure is that it can remove stretch marks as a lot of such skin gets removed.


Women who undergo vaginal deliveries develop stress urinary incontinence. This issue is also effectively cured by the tummy tuck treatment.


Abdominoplasty is a method wherein you can get rid of wrinkled or sagging skin that covers your tummy region. Choosing an experienced surgeon to perform this treatment and following all the precautions and measures diligently will help you reap enormous benefits out of it.