Menstrual Cup for Beginners: How to Use and its Sanitation

You may already know this but poor menstrual hygiene risks you in tons of bacterial and toxin infections, especially the menstrual hygiene products that you put into or in contact with your vagina. This is why the products that you choose might as well determine the overall health of your vagina and your body’s overall well-being.

Many women do not realize that some of the feminine hygiene products that they are using are the culprits of their vaginal discomfort, since it may affect a vaginas pH level—this just means to say that your product might be increasing your vagina’s pH level which is the culprit for odor, discomfort, irritation, and even infection.

Now, if you are new in using the menstrual cup then no worries, this article will help you thoroughly. Just imagine the first time you used tampons or contact lenses which might be difficult to be put on at first but eases out after a couple of usages.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup?

You have now selected and bought your new menstrual cup for the first time and now it may leave you confused and somehow scared since it will be your first time. No worries, here’s the step-by-step guide on properly using a menstrual cup.

Inserting a Menstrual Cup

Sanitize. In inserting a menstrual cup, you should first sanitate it thoroughly to avoid any bacterial infections and always remember to wash your hands using clean water and a mild soap before inserting the cup.

Folding. Here comes the folding of your menstrual cup. There are actually many different methods in folding your menstrual cup so do some experiments and find one that works best for you.

There are two common folding techniques for your cup, and these two are the most popular too which is called the C-Fold and the Punch-Down Fold. These two are what most women find the easiest method to insert its way into the vagina.

Relax. It is important to relax your muscles first when inserting your menstrual cup to avoid difficulties in inserting the cup due to compression of your vaginal walls. To relax, find a comfortable position such as lying down, squatting or sitting on the toilet, or just simply standing up. Don’t worry, surely, you’ll find the best position that works for you over time.

Insert and Release. You can actually use a water-based lubricant or water to make the insertion easier. After that, insert your folded menstrual cup and once it is inside, remove your fingers and let it spring open.

You will know when it has been inserted correctly because you will hear that “pop” sound or a suction sound after inserting the cup, which means that your cup has folded out completely and the suction has already been sealed.

Removing the Menstrual Cup

Sanitize. Just like washing your hands before inserting the cup. You also need to wash your hands with warm water and mild soap before removing the cup.

Relax. Again, find a comfortable position so that you may remove the cup easily. Relaxing is an important thing to do since removing the menstrual cup will be difficult if you tense up. Thus, do the previously suggested methods in relaxing such as squatting, lying down, sitting on the toilet, or just by standing up.

Remove. Pull slightly on the stem while you are using your abdominal muscles to push when you are removing your menstrual cup downwards until you reach the base. Remember to avoid removing your menstrual cup by just pulling the stem since it may cause discomfort.

Empty it Out and Wash. Lastly, empty your cup out once you have removed your menstrual cup so that you could rinse the cup with water and would be able to use it again.

Sanitizing the Menstrual Cup

After emptying your cup out, fill the cup with soapy water and wash it thoroughly by flipping it over and squeezing the water out through the suction holes, removing any gunk left in those holes. Then, rub cup between hands while washing under the running water and take a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub any residue left.

Now, do you need to boil your menstrual cup to sanitize? It is not necessary to do so. However, if you prefer it then place your menstrual cup inside a metal whisk and leave it inside a boiling pot water for about 1-2 minutes.

If you want other ways to sanitize your cup since frequent boiling might thin your cup put then you could place the cup in a “steam bag” or buy specific menstrual cup container to steam the cups in a microwave.


Menstrual cups might be lots of work at first as a beginner, however, its benefits compensate to that too since you can not only find yourself being comfortable enough, it can also help you in saving money. Know more of your menstrual cup options as you research on menstrual cups via daisy cup, or you could also read up some books in regards to women’s menstrual hygiene products.