5 Famous Personal Trainers to Take Inspiration From

There are several fitness trainers in the industry, but very few of them are experienced and empowered. Some of them are so good that they have actually established a brand for themselves & if you are hoping to get some inspiration today, then let our post inspire you. Today, we are going to reveal some of the best fitness trainers who are not just ruling the fitness world but are also rocking.

Here we go:

  1. Ashley Borden

If you are looking for a good personal trainer to inspire yourself, nobody can do better than Ashley Borden. She has trained several celebs such as Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling and is currently one of the best in today’s business. She has a personal Instagram account and is active on other social media accounts as well. Her YouTube is actually quite awesome as she gives free demos on how to get the best workouts. Not to forget Ashley’s website where you can pick from different packages offer.

  1. Dan Brooks

Another celebrity trainer who does an absolutely killer job is Dan Brooks. This guy has helped celebrities like Kim Kardashian lose weight. In fact, he has trained the entire Kardashian family and is one of the most wanted gym trainers we have seen so far. Dan’s workouts are always intense. In fact, Khloe and Kim themselves have shot with him in Keeping up with the Kardashian and from what we can see, they enjoy it quite a bit. You can follow up on Instagram to his live videos and take some awesome fitness away from the famous dude.

  1. Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is one of the most popular and successful fitness entrepreneurs we have seen so far. With her YouTube channel as well as awesome fitness brand, she is considered to be one of the most influential fitness trainers. She also believes that the kind of exercises she does are good not just for basic weight loss but also help you build a better physique. Training under Cassey is always awesome because she has been in the business for years and there is a lot of people can learn from.

  1. Rebecca Louise

There is no better way to get fit than taking help from Rebecca Louise. Another YouTube star who has thousands of followers all over social media, Rebecca has been in the business for a very long time & she is absolutely killing it. Her programs are in fact the most ideal and something you should make it a point to follow. Rebecca has her own website and an app you can download to enjoy her best workouts. If you want more, you can buy some of her packages where she will teach you how to get into shape like a professional.

  1. Elisabeth Akinwale

Elisabeth has been a popular fitness trainer for years now. She was introduced to cross fit in 2011 and she has won several competitions as well. Training under her is beneficial because she’s more than just a fitness trainer. She has qualified for open weightlifting championships and has absolutely impressed all of us with her photos, videos and everything else that falls in between. She motivates, inspires and gets people to do some solid work. She also has done a few PT courses and trains others on the same as well.

  1. Popsugar

Popsugar fitness is an entire brand that has been working for several women across the world. Those who struggle to make time for them can definitely do some good for themselves by working out through popsugar. They have hundreds of workouts all over YouTube and some of them are so good, you can do them every day. If you have weights at home, get ready for a party because Anna and her team will show you how it’s done & trust us when we say this, they aren’t average people.

Did that leave you inspired? We hope it did. But who is your favorite fitness trainers? Tell us more about them by commenting on the box. Also, you can drop in questions regarding fitness if you have in mind. Don’t hesitate. Just ask. We promise to give you a good response.