4 ImportantFacts You Should Know About Coolsculpting

When it comes to losing weight, people normally want something that can give them instant results. They don’t want to experience the pain of dieting and exercise.

Although a magic pill was supposed to be only unreal, those days are gone and now indeed some magic pills are available!

These are the cosmetic surgeries that instantly remove fat from your body offering you slimmer and trimmer body that you desire.

One of the most popular among these is coolsculpting. This is a minimally invasive procedure that works by freezing away the fat.

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Since the frozen (crystallised) fat is extracted naturally from the body, this process is considered to be one of the safest.

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Here are a few important factsyou should know aboutcoolsculpting.

1. Results

You should keep in mind that coolsculpting never offers immediate results. It’s because your body will need time to flush out the crystallised frozen fat.

Thus it may take up to three months before you realise that you can now wear clothes easily that used to be too tight for you and you can notice no mounds on your back when you look in the mirror from behind.

Immediately after the procedure, the frozen area may look swollen and red. Some people may even see the site as if a salmon is resting under the skin.

These are some initial side effects; but you don’t have to worry because they will quickly fade away. Also, a gentle massage by your coolsculpting provider on the treated area will soon diminish any swelling.

2. You may Need Multiple Sessions

It’s often advertised about coolsculpting that it takes only one hour which is correct because most people will get good results after an hour-long treatment in a single area.

However, the applicator can treat only one area at a time. Some providers use two applicators whereby two areas can be treated simultaneously (e.g. both sides of the waist).

Ifyou choose a provider that uses only one device or if you are looking for treating three or more areas, be sure to set aside minimum two hours for the treatment.

The type of results you expect to get is also another factor to consider. In several cases, coolsculpting eliminates up to 25% of the fat from an area in a single treatment.

If you want more fat to be removed from an area, you will need to undergo multiple treatment sessions, which means the results you desire will take longer to show.

3. You’ll Have to be Careful about Your Diet

You may dream of eating your favorite unhealthy junk food once the fat is removed. But unfortunately you should not.

Although coolsculpting gives you freedom from your stubborn fat, you can regain weight if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, you have to eat well to maintain the results after the procedure.

Image Courtesy: chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au

4. Expect a Slight Discomfort

Coolsculpting is typically described to be painless. Since extreme cold which is a powerful anaesthetic is involved in the procedure, the target area is actually numbed.

However, you may still experience a slight discomfort for a few minutes at the beginning. At the start of the procedure, as the applicator holds your skin and freezing starts, you may experience a chill and sting.

However, the site will be totally numb within a couple of minutes and any discomfort will vanish.

You can resume your routine immediately after the procedure, but keep in mind that you may not feel totally well during the first few days.

A tingling sensation and soreness in the treated area are not uncommon but subside soon.

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